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  Dog Cuddles - Cancer Patient

After our dog Cuddles was rushed for emergency surgery and then diagnosed with Lymphoma, our vet, Dr. Murnighan recommended Dr. Junkas for an Oncology consult.

We could tell from the moment we all met her that we were in the right place. Dr. Junkas was kind, compassionate and straightforward with our options and the statistical chances of remission or cure.

Cuddles came through the chemo week after week, strolling out the door like nothing happened.

A year and half later, he is cancer free. We are very grateful to Dr. Junkas and her wonderful technicians who took such TLC of Cuddles. The care and compassion of the people working there are top notch! I can’t believe we are lucky enough to still have him in our lives.

— Mary


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My cat Jeff means the world to me. I got him 15 years ago from the animal hospital where I work. The police brought him in as a stray, and the fur and skin around his neck was gone. I was told that he wasn't adoptable because he would need too much care, so he was to be euthanized. But when I saw him, I saw something special, so I said I would take him and get him the care he needed. It took a few months for the skin to heal, but the fur grew back nicely.

Over the years Jeff has been a really good cat. He is friendly, he cuddles, he's smart, and he never gets into trouble. He loves other cats and has "allowed" me to bring in many more orphans, and he welcomes them with open paws.

About a year ago, he started sneezing. We did the usual, treating him for an upper respiratory infection. When it didn't go away, we tried a different medication. When it still didn't go away we did a culture, and with the results, we again changed the medication. But he still kept sneezing. This went on for a few months, and we tried more meds, more cultures, blood tests and even a dental exam. By then my poor Jeffy was sneezing blood.

Our vet Dr. Felt decided to do an ultrasound on his nasal area. It showed a tumor and the diagnosis was cancer. Looking at my boy, as happy as could be, I knew I had to do whatever it took to try and kick this cancer. Dr. Felt recommended we go and see Dr. Junkas and see what she could do. At that point, it had been 6 months since he started the sneezing. I called for an appointment and they got me in pretty quickly.

Cat Jeff - Cancer PatientAt the first exam I felt very comfortable with Dr. Junkas. She was so gentle with Jeffy and I knew that she could help him. She explained everything in a way that I understood, and the way she talked to him was really special. She understood that he wasn't just a cat - he was part of my family.

After the first treatment was done, she brought him back to me and we discussed what would be happening. Dr. Junkas knew I was worried, and even though I work at another animal hospital, she gave me her cell number just in case I needed to call her.

Last week Jeff had his last chemotherapy treatment. He is doing great. The sneezing actually stopped after the first treatment. Now we will wait and see. I know he is not "cured," but I would consider him in "remission." If the swelling or sneezing comes back, we will go see Dr. Junkas again and hope she can keep doing her magic.

We don't know exactly how old Jeffy is because he was a stray, but I'd guess he's about 17. And if at some point the cancer wins, I will at least know that I gave my little boy every chance there is to living a full kitty life.

— Nancy