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Allergy test in maySave $50 or more per allergy test!

Spring time has arrived! Flowers are blooming, trees are budding, grass is growing…but that also means allergy season has arrived. Mold, pollen, and weeds can cause havoc on a pets allergies. May is Allergy Awareness Month. This month, Wright Animal Hospital is offering allergy testing for pets at an affordable price.

A simple blood test can identify the allergen in the air, your house, or your pet's food. This type of testing has been developed for dogs and cats for various allergens known to cause reactions. Depending on the panel being run, a blood sample will be tested for sensitivity to grasses, trees, molds, fleas, wheat, beef, chicken, and numerous other known allergens.

Here at Wright Animal Hospital, we offer the following Allergy Testing:

  • Food Allergy Panel (tests for 24 commercial food ingredients) - $150
  • Regional/Indoor Allergy Panel (tests for 53 regional allergens and 12 indoor allergens) - $250 
  • Complete Allergy Panel - $350 (includes food, regional & indoor allergens)

There is no cure for allergies in pets, but trying to find the cause of the allergy can help your pet live a longer, happier life style. For more information, or for help in determining which test might be best for your pet, please call us at (847) 299-0135.

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