'Spring' into Pet Wellness

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Check out these deals throughout May 2018!

blood test

While pets can appear healthy, they may have hidden health issues that left undetected, can lead to serious, and sometimes life threatening conditions. By doing a simple blood panel we can create a baseline in case your pet becomes ill.

A new Fecal Antigen Test is now available. It detects antigens secreted directly from intestinal parasite & eggs. This test can identify the three most common intestinal parasites and detect worms in present stages, while reducing frequency of environmental contamination.

$90.00 (Savings of $88.00)

Canine Wellness Panel includes:

  • CBC
  • Chemistry Panel
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Tick Borne Disease Testing

FELINE WELLNESS PANEL = $80.00 (Savings of $98.00)

Feline Wellness Panel Includes:

  • CBC
  • Chemistry panel
  • Parasite evaluation of the stool including testing for hook, round and whipworms.

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