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senior petsTo celebrate our "golden oldies," we are offering 10% off our senior blood panels (Total Health Plus and Senior Profile) throughout the month of November!*

Did you know that most cats and dogs are considered to be seniors when they reach 7 years of age? Owners should take note of any changes in their pet's behavior, bodily functions, or activity.

Senior pets can develop many of the same health issues that people can develop when they get older. Concerns such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, hyperthyroid, and diabetes are all factors as pets get older. Bloodwork is recommended for pets as they get older to screen for the possibility of any health related concerns.

We love and care for our senior patients! If you have a senior pet or are concerned about recent changes in your pet’s health, please call us at (847) 299-0135 to schedule your appointment today.

*This offer is valid November 1-30, 2015.