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Get $5 off Fecal AG testing in June 2017

Announcing the next generation of fecal testing! Our new Fecal Antigen testing can identify the three most common intestinal parasites in pets: roundworms, hook worms and whipworm; can detect worms in present stages, and reduces frequency of environmental contaminations.

dog and catEach year, dogs and cats come into contact with some form of parasite, either through taking a walk, traveling, going to the beach, making contact with other pets, wild life, potting soil, and so on. It is highly recommended to have your pet’s stool checked once a year as prevention. It doesn't matter if your pet stays indoors or just goes in the back yard – parasites are everywhere! Many boarding, grooming, training groups, and associations require testing before joining any activity.

Even though your pet’s stool may seem normal, intestinal parasites could still be present. Call us at (847) 299-0135 today to schedule your pet's visit and get an AG stool test! We are offering $5 off all tests taken June 1-30, 2017.