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September 2014 is Cancer Awareness Month at Wright Animal Hospital!

  Ohlin the Cancer Sniffing Dog  
  Meet Ohlin the Ovarian Cancer Sniffing Dog
The University of Pennsylvania's School
of Veterinary Medicine is investigating
using canine olfaction, along with
chemical and nanotechnology analysis,
to detect early stage ovarian cancer.

Fifty percent of pets over the age of 10 develop cancer during their lifetime. Schedule an appointment today to have your pet's lumps and bumps mapped and measured for $35.00.*

Have your pet's lumps or bumps grown in size, changed in feel, or just popped up? The important thing to know with many lumps and bumps is how big and where they are located.

Once they have been mapped you will receive a copy of the map to be able to monitor them at home. Your veterinarian will discuss with you if testing or removing a lump or bump may be recommended.

*Annual exams and sick or injured pets will be excluded from the $35.00 office visit fee for this special.

OCSA's Annual 5K Dog Walk & Fun Run

Wright Animal Hospital is also proud to be participating in the Annual Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) Dog Walk and Fun Run in St. Charles, Illinois on Sunday, September 14, 2014.

Join us by sponsoring our walking team, or making a donation towards research in sniffing out Ovarian Cancer by September 14, 2014. As a hospital we sponsor Ohlin, the ovarian cancer sniffing dog from Pennsylvania University. We would love to have your support on such a special day.

For any questions about the event, making a donation, or registering for the walk, please call (847) 299-0135 and ask to speak with Kristen Wills, Assistant Hospital Manager, or Dr. Junkas, Chief of Staff.