Pet Influenza Vaccine

Save on Canine Influenza Vaccines this January & February 2018!
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It isn't just flu season for you - your dog is at risk too!

Save big on the canine influenza combo vaccine H3N2 & H3N8 Strains for a total price of only $45 (savings of $19.00) this January and February 2018.*

Pet Vaccines

Canine Influenza continues to be problematic through-out the United States and regional outbreaks continue to occur. Here at Wright Animal Hospital, we offer the canine influenza vaccine to help protect your dog(s). The vaccine will protect your dog(s) from both common strains of canine influenza, H3N2 and H3N8. The vaccine has to be given in a 2 injection initial series with the second injection occurring 2-4 weeks after the initial vaccine.

Once your dog(s) has had the initial series, a booster will be required yearly. Canine Influenza should not be confused with Canine Parainfluenza, known as “Kennel Cough” which is tracheal bronchitis. Vaccination is recommended for healthy dogs 7 weeks of age or older.

Wright Animal Hospital is offering 20% off pet dental cleanings in March 2018.

Pet Dental DachshundHere at Wright Animal Hospital we believe in great oral health for our pets! Oral Hygiene in pets tends to be overlooked at times. Great dental hygiene in our little family members increases quality of life.

The risk for kidney disease and other cardiovascular-related conditions increases as dental disease worsens, so regular dental cleanings can not only help reduce bad breath, tooth decay, tooth bone loss, but also may reduce your dog's risk of disease and improve overall health.

Please call us at 847-299-0135 to set up your pet's appointment today!

Spay and Neuter DiscountWright Animal Hospital is Participating in Cook County’s February Spay and Neuter Program!

Get a $40 rebate on all spay and neuter surgeries for cats, dogs or ferrets in February 2018.*

For more details and to schedule your pets spay or neuter, please call us at 847-299-0135.

*This offer is for all residents who live in Cook County ONLY; qualifying pets must be current on their rabies vaccine, and only 2 pets per household; valid on procedures from February 1 to 28, 2018.

We've recently renovated our hospital to better serve you and your pets! Upgrades include all newly-remodeled surgery, kennel and treatment areas. We are also added an additional surgical space, and an area designed specifically for dental procedures and chemotherapy.

We are thrilled about this project, and look forward to being able to see more patients and provide more care to our loyal clients with these upgrades. 

clay paw printWright Animal Hospital now offers commemorative clay paw print kits for your pets!

It’s a great way to preserve the memories and mark milestones of different stages of life, from puppyhood to adulthood, to those precious senior years. Each paw print will have its own unique markings. It also makes a great gift for the upcoming Father’s Day, or any occasion!

For more information and pricing, please speak to one of our friendly Client Care Specialists at (847) 299-0135.